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Cherylrettia Bennett  Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
Reading, Sixth Grade Language Arts, Sixth Grade Social Studies


I earned my Bachelor Degree in Education at Stillman College in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Years later I obtained both my Master and Education Specialist Degrees from the University of West Alabama in Livingston, Alabama.


I have had the wonderful experience of teaching in the elementary arena for well over 20+ years. I first began my career at a small, remote school in Boykin, Alabama in 1991 under the leadership of Mrs. Nina Graggs. It was a wonderful experience. Unfortunately the school closed and I was relocated to Alberta Elementary School and worked there for several years under the principalship of Mr. Willliam Smith. Some years , a new school, ABC Elementary School was built and I taught there until 2014 when I transferred to F. S. Ervin Elementary School in Pine Hill, Alabama; where I have been teaching for the past two years.


My name is Cherylrettia Bennett. I am a sixth grade teacher at F.S. Ervin Elementary School. I am married to my best friend and confidant Everette Sr. and together we share three amazing children: Faith,Everette Jr., and Jahyree. We also have three awesome grands: Imuni. Everette III, and Payton. I reside in rural Marengo County in Arlington, Alabama.  I am an avid lover of reading, the outdoors, and gardening, but my greatest passion lies in teaching the young minds of boys and girls to learn and experience academic success.